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The game involves four main currencies: Simoleons, which is often received in-game by upgrading household areas and trading resources[6] or bought using SimCash. SimCash, which is often earned by spending real cash or completing city achievements and golden take some time, which is often bought and can only be earned by completing shipment or catastrophe challenges. Platinum Keys, which could not be bought with SimCash, can only be extracted from the Mayor’s Contest (Top prize of Town League or Big Prizes on City Group or higher, make reference to Mayor’s contest for details) which are being used to build excellent rare and legendary items (e. g. parks, points of interest etc. ). The game depends on 25, 500 simoleons and 50 SimCash on hand. Automatically, metropolis name is random and the player can change this for infinite amount of times if they choose to do so. This name change is not everlasting however so players are free to change it at any point from the settings-menu.

There is no housing code feature in SimCity BuildIt. Instead, buildings are plopped manually. Commercial and professional buildings produce items, and residential zones require them in order to up grade to a higher denseness. Factories can even be upgraded, although it requires demolishing the original building launched not producing anything, then exchanging it with a new one.


Roads carries city services in a similar vein to SimCity (2013). The player can easily build two-lane roads using the build tool. The individual cannot manually build higher-capacity roads; they must up grade them instead. Initially, only two, four and six-lane roads are available at launch; three more street types (avenues, boulevards, and streetcar avenues) were launched in Disasters update.

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Rather of having a slider, Taxes are instead established by how happy the residents are.

Areas and specific zones

Like other SimCity game titles, there are three main zones in SimCity BuildIt:

There are 3 main residential zones in SimCity BuildIt; the regular residential zone, The French zone (introduced in the Paris Town update) and the Tokyo Town area (introduced in the Tokyo Town update). Similarly to SimCity (2013), residential zone are damaged by land values; higher land ideals (raised by having services, parks, and specialization complexes nearby) usually means higher likelihood for wealthier Sims to go in.
Wealth Outlook

Standard Homes
Premium Homes
Luxurious Homes

Regular home zones are available primarily, and is the only person available prior to the Parisian and Tokyo Town update. Parisian areas are only when after an airport is revealed (unlocked after reaching one hundred and forty, 000 Sims and demanding 80, 000 simoleons to build) and Tokyo Area zones are only available following the airport provides services to the zone.[7] Special items can by obtained by doing airport shipments.

The setting up may be built within the unlocked City area. City area may be expanded to the enlargement limits with the use of special items. The expansion limits have recently been increased in December 2015. Only areas linked to the already expanded areas may be expanded further.

Key article: List of commercial buildings in SimCity BuildIt


Only residential zone requires services to be attached in SimCity BuildIt. You will discover three main types of services in SimCity BuildIt:

Needed based on the number of non commercial zones:
Waste management
Necessary based on the space the residential zones take up:
Well being

Default Structures

The default buildings come with every new city, but need to be unlocked at higher levels. These buildings cannot be moved, removed or added in.

Control Depot
Global Trade HQ
Dr. Vu’s Tower
Mayor’s Contest Structure


Besides from parks, city field of expertise buildings require their particular departments or building head office for that category.

Almost all city specialization buildings, apart from parks and departments/building HQs, require golden take some time. City specialization buildings, apart from parks, are not necessary to sustain a human population; Instead, they give an increase in population and land value.



Generally there are six main devastation types in SimCity BuildIt. These disasters can only be launched from the Vu Tower, once built. Special items (Vu’s Power supply, Vu’s Remote and Vu’s Gloves) are also required. Once the player extends to a certain level, the disaster will be driven up. For example, having the Vu Tower flattened up to level 3 will unlock meteor affect II.

Meteor strike
Alien intrusion
Super storm

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